sábado, 21 de abril de 2007

Poema III

Esse aqui é bem atual
Escrevi ontem [[momento de raiva]]
E prefiro não traduzir... XD

I'm so angry
I'm so pissed off
This life is boring me to death
As a hole in a sock

The freedom is abstract
I'll never have it!
Not even an adult have it
Imagine a simple teenager

Sometimes the word cheat on me
I believe in many things that I shouldn't
But to grow up is not easy
Who am I deceiving?

I thought that my mom was nice
And my father-in-law too
Oh gosh! What a fucking cheat!
They are not those cool "guys"

To stay at home all weekends it's just a bis SHIT!
I'm so pissed off! Hey! World! Fu** you and Fuc** it!
Mom's rules make me feel so bad,
And I feel the same about dad's.

"I want to fly and touch the sky"
"I'm gonna scream and make a fight"

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